[ntp:questions] GPS-PPS, standalone server. NTP

Hans Mayer hans.mayer.08 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 16:58:05 UTC 2017

Hi Fida, 

> However, did you ever tried to achieve 1-microsecond accuracy in your used refid (in your case with driver 28 which NTP uses)? My primary goal is to attain 1-microsecond accuracy bond where I can see 3 milliseconds offset with .GPS refid.

Definitely not. 
With driver 22  I am in the +- 10 usec range. With driver 28 in millisecond range. 

See my blog.

I assume driver 20 is very similar to 28. Both are reading serial data. 

I don't know if 1-microsecond is a easy goal. I am using a very cheap hardware. It's running on a BananaPI. All together about 150 EUR. With a good hardware it's maybe possible. 

But why do you need this ? Is it just your ambition. This I could understand. 

// Hans

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