[ntp:questions] ntpd behavior with multiple pool definitions

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jun 16 01:28:37 UTC 2017

> I tried breaking the hosts up into three equal sized blocks (say, pool1,
> pool2, and pool3 for example). and found that if I listed all three pools in
> the ntpd directive. i.e.: 

> To my surprise, I got an even distribution of nodes from each of the defined
> pools (X is for anonymity): 

> - Is this intended behavior that anyone knows of or did I
> just get lucky (i.e. simultaneous resolving of pools to get balanced
> answers)?

I don't think there is any attempt to balance the usage across multiple 
pools.  It depends on the response from the DNS servers.

If fact, I would expect it to work with 2 pools, one for inside a firewall 
that and another for outside if DNS for the internal pool only worked inside 
the firewall and the firewall blocked access to the external pool DNS or 
external NTP servers.

> - Can I manually expand the count of active peers so that I get
> more than 10? With the pool directives, this gives gives me up to 9 after
> startup, but then it somehow drops down to 7 actual sources after a few
> minutes. 

Why do you need so many servers?

You can adjust the number of clocks the pool command(s) use with tos 
maxclock.  The default is 10.  The count includes slots setup with the 
"server" command and it looks like it is counting the "pool" slot(s) too.

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