[ntp:questions] PPS not working on newer kernel/distros

Brandon Applegate brandon at burn.net
Mon Oct 8 23:26:45 UTC 2018


For years I’ve have ntpd+NMEA+PPS working great.  My OS was Ubuntu server 12.04 - and then (currently) 14.04.  GPS is a Garmin LVC 18x.

I use setserial to set low_latency, I’ve reduced the NMEA sentence to bare minimum, etc.  All the usual tweaks.  All of this going into a real UART serial PCI slot board (no USB) on a full size PC.

My relevant ntp.conf for this:

server mode 1 minpoll 4 maxpoll 4
fudge flag1 1 flag2 0 flag3 1 time2 0.600

I decided to try to upgrade, and hit nothing but roadblocks.  So far I’ve tried both Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18.04.  What I observe is that my GPS offset steadily climbs and climbs.  It never seems to decrease.  I’ve also tried the above config with flag3 set to 0 (“soft” PPS).  In all of these cases I’ve verified with ppswatch that I have pps coming in on the port.  It really seems like something has changed in the kernel in the past few years that’s causing this.  It’s about the only thing I can think of as a variable.  I’ve tried distro ntpd packages as well as compiling a few versions of the latest source.  All with the same behavior.

Anyone have any ideas what could cause this behavior ?

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