[ntp:questions] NTPd server using DVB-T as clocksource

Lars Schotte lars at gustik.eu
Sun Oct 28 22:39:17 UTC 2018

Well, I know that OpenBSD currently has no support for DVB-T but Linux
does, so I would run that RaspberryPi with Linux. However, the question
would be how to pair its output with OpenNTPd or NTPd.

On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 14:22:54 -0700
Chris Cappuccio <chris at nmedia.net> wrote:
> In OpenBSD, you would write a kernel USB driver that sets up the DVB-T
> adapter to receive the appropriate signal and decode it. But the DVB
> decoding might be too involved for what should be a small kernel
> driver. Maybe you can hack the dvbdate utility into a source of NMEA
> 0183 data to be opened as a socket from ntpd. 
> Chris

 Lars Schotte
 Mudroňova 13
92101 Piešťany
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