[ntp:questions] Regular spike_detect on syslog

Sean Austin Critica sean.critica at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 11:24:46 UTC 2018

Thanks, Mike & Jan.

I’m running on bare metal HP Gen9 blade. I have started looking at the BIOS settings and as far as I can tell there are a lot of options that affect CPU frequency and they are turned on.

I will check tomorrow if ‘Spread Spectrum’ is available and is turned on as I don’t have access to the machine right now.

I do know that settings like Intel Turbo Boost, and dynamic power control are on. Although HP support says that they are not aware of any settings that impact NTP on the host.

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On 15/09/18 22:55, Mike Cook wrote:
> Maybe your server is frequency shifting . Check your BIOS settings . 
Sean: plug "bios spread spectrum" into your favourite search engine for
more info.
You want to disable that for accurate timekeeping.
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