[ntp:questions] Initial sync on starting ntpd with 20-21 minute time difference

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Wed Sep 26 10:02:18 UTC 2018

> Before restarting ntpd you could use ntpdate to set the clock using the -B option to slew, rather than step, the clock to the correct time before restarting ntpd, but your offset is so large (1260 secs), that this may take a long time to complete.
> On an Arm/Linux system I have I did a test with your offset and my clock is slewing at a little over 0,025 secs per minute, so the correction will need around 14 hours to complete.

My sums were wrong…   at 0,025sec per minute, 1260 seconds correction takes (1260/0,025)/60/24 = 35 days

maybe too long for you.

Only other option , as Monty P suggests, is start again. 
Boot it in single user mode to prevent ntpd starting. Reset the clock. Remove the ntp drift file . reboot.
That will probably fix it though I have known some cases where a power cycle is required as active frequency corrections were not reset by hardware on a normal boot cycle. 

> Mike

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