[ntp:questions] black listed IP address

Steve Sullivan stevos at nwtime.org
Thu Apr 4 18:28:04 UTC 2019

Hi Sergio,

I replied on Tuesday, but apparently you did not receive my note. Hopefully
you can get this on the questions@ list instead. 

I have attached my Tuesday message regarding the release of the first IP in
your list for reference, and to show that NTF is on top of this.
The other IPs you provided are not on the NTF Blacklist. Can you provide any
more details, and perhaps I can help point you in the right direction?

Warm regards,

Steve Sullivan
Network Time Foundation
Tel.: 949 423 6901

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> Subject: [ntp:questions] black listed IP address
> http://support.ntp.org shows:
> Your IP address <myip> is black listed at the NTP web site due to
> access or suspicious activities. Please contact site administrator
> webmaster at ntp.org if you got on the list by mistake.
> I've already wrote to webmaster at ntp.org and postmaster at ntp.org but my
> message "awaits moderator approval"
> The listed IP is my personal address, not commonly natted.
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> sergio.
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