[ntp:questions] PPS, prefer keywoard and redundant peers

Charles Elliott elliott.ch at comcast.net
Wed Nov 25 14:03:28 UTC 2020

	With GPS clocks that offer sub-millisecond accuracy and seem of last
for months, so far, available for sale
on eBay for less than $100, and without trying to be disparaging, your
suggestion seems to be a solution in search of a
problem.  This is a cost-benefit situation.  NTPD is a large and complex
program.  It would take many man-hours to 
make the change you suggest.  Yet, you are the first and only person to
notice this problem.  To see what I mean, 
look at the page here: https://www.nwtime.org/support.

	In any case, this is not the venue to offer your suggestion.  If you
want to be sure your suggestion receives
the attention it deserves, then consider filing a formal enhancement request
https://bugs.ntp.org/index.cgi.  Click on "File a Bug," create a free
Bugzilla account if you don't have one, login,
click on ntp on the next page, select Enhancement in the severity box of the
form that appears, and copy-and-paste 
your suggestion into the description section.

	Thank you for your time and effort.  Without suggestions for
improvement, NTPD would never become
a better program.

Charles Elliott

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Hi all,

the documentation clearly states that for a PPS driver to work one needs to
configure another peer as `prefer'.

I have a set-up with PPS and three network (IP) peers, one of these marked

1) why can't the PPS signal be used to discipline all survivors (assuming
they meet the requirements for PPS)?

2) if my preferred peer goes away, NTP will not use PPS at all (it looks
like it becomes the system peer (*) then later a falseticker (x)).  Is there
any way to make PPS survive a prefer peer loss?

Many thanks.
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