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Re: [questions] GPS+PPS vs NTP server, why a huge offset ?

On 22/06/2022 22:42, Thibaut HUMBERT wrote:
I continued my tests with the NMEA+PPS on a CH341A in USB, and comparing over one night with several NTP sources: I am at ± 1ms on average.
I tried with an ESP8266: without success.
I tried a Raspberry PI 1B: ok, but always an 10ms offset. And the solution is difficult to transport in the middle of nowhere for a night with the telescope.

Now, I use an another desktop computer (with RS232) with the CH341A for the NMEA on USB and the pin PPS directly connected on the RS232 CD.
The PPS signal is well detected by the softwarehttps://www.satsignal.eu/software/net.htm#SerialPortLEDs

However, I can't find the zip for using the PPS DLL on the real serial interface:
The link is down, and nothing on Google....

Do you know where I can find the zip serialpps-20120321-signed.zip?
Thanks everyone!


The original serial driver hack doesn't work on Windows-10, IIRC. Instead use the PPS API Loopback Provider.


As I don't see that for download, I have put my copy on my Web page.


Please let Martin Burnicki know about the errors on his Web page.
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