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[hackers] MSYS2/Mingw primer

Just for the case that you want to give MSYS2/Mingw a try: I've put some information together how to get started:

I've also just recently started to use it, and I'm very happy for what I've seen so far. You can easily use things like git and ssh from within the bash shells provided by the build environment.

A tiny example project that looks like a standard project for Linux and other Unix-like systems can be found here:

If it would be possible to build NTP for Windows using this toolchain, we could probably avoid a lot of the hassle we have due to supporting different VS versions with their various project files.

I'm assuming that it would even be possible to integrate Windows support into NTP's autoconf/automake stuff and let it detect the Windows target system, but as mentioned earlier, I'm not familiar with that auto stuff, so I'm not sure whether this makes sense, or whether to just create a set of makefiles once for each of the NTP programs.

On the other hand, unlike Unix-like systems, Windows is a well-known target, so it may be possible to just set up a couple of static makefiles which don't have to be created by autoconf/automake.