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Re: [hackers] Which Visual Studio versions are in active use?

Dave Hart wrote:
Even if you don't use it right away, please consider installing the
Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition and the older toolchains I
mentioned, as I am concerned that the next major VS release will no
longer have the option to install the VS 2015 (v140) and VS 2017 for
XP (v141) needed to target WinXP.  Installing it now will future-proof
you to be able to switch to using it later, and once you do, we can
hopefully stop maintaining the ports/winnt/vs2008 files.

I just had a look at the VS2022 download, and found that it neither runs on 32 bit Windows version, nor (reliably) on Windows 10 versions older than a specific build.

My current Windows box runs Windows 7 32 bit, and it has the advantage that I can also use some older programs (e.g. cross compilers for some micro controllers) that won't run on Windows 10 64 bit anymore.

I can also very easily run test versions of the kernel drivers, without having to sign them before I can load them, or having to take specific care that without having to care about "test signing" and all this stuff, and I can right away build 32 an 64 bit versions that can be run on each Windows version.

From what you wrote it sounds like I even won't be able to install VS2022 again or on a different machine once MS has release a newer version. On the other hand, I have a setup program of VS2008 Express that (IIRC) I can still use to install VS2008 once more if I have to (or want to) setup another Windows machine.

So all in all switching to VS2022 sounds like a big step back to me. :-(

Anyway, I'll see if I can set up a VM where I can install it.