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[hackers] A couple of questions about SSL and NTP.

Has there been any progress on converting NTP to use SSLv3? Is there anything I can do to help? Solaris is just about to drop versions of SSL prior to V3. I used the patch that was already submitted to allow NTP to build, but even with the patch, it seems that ntp-keygen will not create any keys. I don't know if existing keys will work. In any case, I am under a lot of pressure to make sure NTP will continue to work, but SSL is not my forte.

When I applied the patch and tried to run ntp-keygen, it said that DSA was not available. I got this question from the Solaris project manager:

I noticed your update on Bug 33623437 [...] ntp-keygen not working correctly for generating DSA keys.

I thought DSA keys were deprecated though ?


Is that true? Is there something else that is usable that will work?


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