[ntp:security] Re: Concerning a possible bug in the 'ntp' package

David Wagner daw at cs.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 3 01:54:56 UTC 2005

> > Potential impact: Running ntpd and ntpsim as root may cause
> > arbitrary files on the system to be corrupted or overwritten.
> > Even running them as non-root users may be unsafe.
> well ntpsim is not really an issue as it's a simulator and not a server 
> per se.

Well, I have to confess that this response doesn't make any sense to me.
I don't see how it is relevant whether ntpsim is a simulator or not.
If root (or heck, any user) ever executes ntpsim, then the vulnerability
in ntpsim could be exploited by a non-root (or heck, any other user)
to do things that the attacker shouldn't be able to do.  That's not good.

This is a risk if ntpsim is ever executed on any multi-user system.
If you meant to say that "ntpsim is only a simulator and will never
be executed by anyone on any multi-user system, ever", then I accept
your statement -- but if that is not what you meant, I can't understand
your reasoning.

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