[ntp:security] Does the (S)NTPv4 software include authentication, the autokey protocol and identity scheme implementation?

Brad Knowles knowles at ntp.isc.org
Thu Aug 31 23:37:33 UTC 2006

At 6:36 PM -0400 2006-08-31, Chen Helen-A12587 wrote:

>  I would like to know if the software distribution provided at the NTP
>  website include implementation of authentication, autokey protocol (defined
>  by David Mills) and the identity scheme. Please advise. Thank you.

The Reference Implementation is the only implementation (that I know 
of) built around the NTPv4 standard.  Of course, Dr. Mills has 
contributed a lot of code to this version, and he's done his best to 
make sure that there is full agreement between the implementation and 
the standard, and whichever is "wrong" will get fixed.

In short, yes -- by definition.  You are talking about the Reference 
Implementation of NTPv4.

The SNTP protocol is not likely to cover any of these advanced 
features, because it is the Simple Network Time Protocol, but you'd 
have to talk to someone who knows the protocol better than I do as to 
whether or not this is actually the case.

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