[ntp:security] [Bug 527] ntpd frequently crashes on Windows systems

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Tue Sep 19 19:51:01 PDT 2006


Additional Comments From mayer at ntp.org (Danny Mayer)
Submitted on 2006-09-20 02:50

Running non-debug under full load will crash, but takes longer.

At this point, given that you are indicating that the returned packets are
wrong, the only thing I can think of is that we may have a race condition and
the only way to fix this properly is to add locking to the code which will then
allow only one thread at a time to modify the either the buffers or the
interface structure. The packet buffers should be unique and not be reused
unless recycled but it seems something is causing this issue and the only thing
can be a race condition where two different threads are competing for the same
buffer. There are several different ways to do this, so I will need to try
different techniques and find one that works for us.


Danny Mayer <mayer at ntp.org>

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