[ntp:security] Klocwork Analysis of your code

Ragaeeb Haq Ragaeeb.Haq at klocwork.com
Thu Jun 26 14:58:09 UTC 2008



I'm from Klocwork, a static source code analysis tool that identifies
bugs, potential security vulnerabilities and other issues in your code.
Klocwork regularly analyzes open source projects, and recently ran our
latest release, Klocwork Insight 8.0 against a number of prominent open
source projects, including yours.  Our analysis results did identify a
number of issues that should be reviewed by the project maintainers.
Obviously, as part of this process we always first share the results
with the key project contributors which is the reason for this email.


Who would be the appropriate person to provide access to the results?
If you could provide a contact name/email address we would then provide
login access to the results through our hosted web portal.  If you do
decide to review the results and if any make their way into your bug
queue, all we ask is you provide appropriate acknowledgement to Klocwork
- something along the lines of "bug found by Klocwork static analysis


Thank you, 


Ragaeeb Haq


Professional Services
Ragaeeb.Haq at klocwork.com

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