[ntp:security] (FWD) Linux NTP query v4.2.6p1 local buffer overflow vulnerability

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Mon Mar 14 03:17:26 UTC 2011

> Hello guys,
> I think I found a bug in your software. If you need more details please dont
> hesitate to contact me back. Please see attached document detailing the
> issue.
> Kind regards,
> Steven Seeley


Please use the security email address for possible vulnerabilities. We
will set up a security bug item for this and make sure you can see it.

If I understand this report you are looking at a problem with the ntpq
client and not with the NTP server code. Is that correct or am I
misinterpreting your report? If that is the case then it's not a major
concern since ntpq is just a query tool and has no kernel mode
implications. If this is in the ntpd server code then it has security

Can you also send us the Linux flavor and version that you are using? In
this case it will probably make no difference but it's better to be
sure. Also did you build this yourself or did you use the
vendor-provided package?

I did a quick test using ntp 4.2.6p3 and I didn't get the seg fault but
this was on a different platform.


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