[ntp:security] Insufficient fixes in crypto_recv() ?

Sebastian Krahmer krahmer at suse.de
Mon Jan 5 11:12:10 UTC 2015


I was reviewing your patches for the recent buffer overflow issue
via RSA decrypting inside crypto_recv().

I wonder that other switch cases handling network input have not
been checked for similar issues?

For example the 

         if ((xinfo = cert_install(ep, peer)) == NULL) {
                      rval = XEVNT_CRT;

case which in turn then calls inside cert_install():

        if ((cp = cert_parse((u_char *)ep->pkt, (long)ntohl(ep->vallen),
            (tstamp_t)ntohl(ep->fstamp))) == NULL)
                return (NULL);

right away. That looks very much like a OOB read with a len value provided
by the network packet? ep->pkt is whats just been received and it looks
like theres no sanitation before.

So this then calls into internal openssl functions, providing hazardous
len values resulting in a crash of ntpd (OOB read will eventually SIGSEGV).
Is this a single-packet DoS?



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~ krahmer at suse.de - SuSE Security Team

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