[ntp:security] Questions about AutoKey

Ram Krishnan r.krishnan at cornet.com
Fri Jan 29 15:36:42 UTC 2016


My name is Ram Krishnan and I am a developer with a company Cornet Inc 
in Virgina. Part of requirements for a product we are building is 
AutoKey support on NTP. I have download the latest ntp software and 
incorporated it in. I tried running it with a ntp server on a linux PC. 
The ntp client kept rejecting it and I looked into the code and it looks 
like the key was larger than NTP_MAXKEY. Just for testing I commented 
out some of the MAX checks and it seems to sync up. At least I can see 
the auth ok on the ntp client.

The reason for my email is we are interesting in the autokey feature and 
there was a note on the website asking to contact Harlan. Please let me 
know what questions you might have about the autokey feature and I will 
try to get them answered .

Thank you,
Ram Krishnan
Principal Software Engg
Cornet Tech Inc.

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