[ntp:security] NTPd security bugs by Defensics overflow sequence

Renwang Liu renwang.liu at ericsson.com
Mon Jun 27 06:37:05 UTC 2016

We have come across this issue, using the Defensics tool(overflow_sequence) for the security test for ntp server.

Linux (defensics )------------ntpd (SUT)

Overflow anomalies are exceptionally long strings attempting to discover stack and heap based buffer overflow vulnerabilities, weaknesses in memory buffer boundary checking and other such faults in System Under Test (SUT). Overflow anomalies may be placed anywhere in a protocol message, but they are especially effective when applied to variable length protocol elements. In the common case, overflow anomalies are made out of long repetitions of printable ASCII characters or other terminal symbols defined in the protocol.
In case of Router simple overflow packet sent to NTPd causes Denial Of Service (NTPd process doesn't respond any more).
NTPd process is used for timestamping the logs and event synchronization on Spitfire node. DoS of this process can cause log timestamp desyncronization which will cause issues when troubleshooting the live nodes as timestamps will be incorrect and it will be close to impossible to match the logs from different devices on the network. The actual packet along with pcap captures used for this case can be found in enclosures.

Send attached packet towards the node on NTP port.
P1S (R17A/R16A) <--- copper cable ---> Linux box
Node restart or NTPd process restart

Please see the attachment , the pcap show the ntpd down, by the overflow packet (No,61 1065bytes )  for your reference.
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