[ntp:security] [Bug 3114] Broadcast Mode Replay Prevention DoS

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Wed Sep 14 06:07:14 UTC 2016


--- Comment #11 from Juergen Perlinger <perlinger at ntp.org> 2016-09-14 06:07:14 UTC ---
Oh, I forgot to mention one little issue: When the rollover happens while NTPD
is running, your code throws away all time stamps after the rollover,
effectively disabling the broadcast sync mechanism.

If it's a consolidation, the first time I had to tackle this kind of problem I
needed pen&paper to work it out... ;) It was an industrial control with a timer
based on a 32-bit millisecond value. And after 28 days and a few hours the
thing got stuck. Product management was not amused and I was fire-jumper like
dropped onto the bug to squash it. Wasn't my code, so I had some interesting
time to find out what happened... it was exactly the same kind of era rollover
problem, just with a much shorter cycle.

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