[ntp:security] PGP key expires in 3 days: 0xAE63639D0066B2FD (it can be extended)

Paul M Furley paul at keyserver.paulfurley.com
Tue Aug 8 12:03:12 UTC 2017


This is a friendly reminder that your PGP key expires on Friday 11 August 2017.

fingerprint: 0E21 6278 E81F 12C9 DD2A  AEF5 AE63 639D 0066 B2FD
long key id: 0xAE63639D0066B2FD

Here's the key listed in the MIT public keyserver:


== Extend your key expiry date ==

You can extend your key's expiry date and push it to the keyservers.

You don't need to create a new key.

I've written a few short guides with screenshots for different software:

- Enigmail with Thunderbird: https://www.paulfurley.com/extend-pgp-key-expiry-with-enigmail-thunderbird
- GPG Suite (GPG Keychain): https://www.paulfurley.com/extend-pgp-key-expiry-with-gpg-suite-gpg-keychain
- GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG): https://www.paulfurley.com/extend-pgp-key-expiry-with-gpg

(I'm currently working on Mailvelope - any others?)

== Remember to push your updated key to the keyservers ==

Once you've extended the expiry date, don't forget to push your key to the keyservers again so everyone can see the update.

I hope this email has been helpful. If this feels like spam, I'm sorry :(

Kind regards,


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