[ntp:security] Talos Security Advisory for NTP (TALOS-2016-0260)

Regina Wilson (regiwils) regiwils at cisco.com
Mon Mar 27 20:33:18 UTC 2017

Hello Sue,

Thank you for the explanation.  Upon response from Matt for availability on discussion, if you’d like Yves or myself to join a call as well, please let us know.

Kind Regards,
Regina Wilson
Engineer. Research
regiwils at cisco.com<mailto:regiwils at cisco.com>

[cid:CFA14CB5-B7B2-4FF7-8313-22D495F607D5 at vrt.sourcefire.com]

On Mar 27, 2017, at 3:57 PM, Sue Graves <sgraves at nwtime.org<mailto:sgraves at nwtime.org>> wrote:

Hi Regina and Matt,

I apologize, we don't have either of you on our Advance Security List,
because there is no formal Agreement between Cisco and NTF. Since Matt
found this bug it should have been sent to you as a "one-off" for
testing.  Sorry that this wasn't accomplished.  We are just a couple of
people over here, with too many balls in the air, but I do apologize.

I need to schedule time to talk with Matt to get back on track with our
discussions for a more formal relationship.  Matt? do you have any time
later this week to do that?


On 3/27/17 11:01 AM, Harlan Stenn wrote:

We posted a release date for ntp-4.2.8p10 of 21 March, before the 7th of
March.  We alerted CERT around the 9th, and released on-schedule.

Matt (at least) should have received a number of notices about this.

Were none of these notices received?  Sue Graves is a good contact
person for issues around this.


On 3/27/17 6:10 AM, Regina Wilson (regiwils) wrote:
Hello Harlan,

As we approach the end of March, I am following up to see if this issue is still
scheduled for March release date.  Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards,
*Regina Wilson*
Engineer. Research
regiwils at cisco.com<mailto:regiwils at cisco.com> <mailto:regiwils at cisco.com>

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