[ntp:security] NTP server - Gibraltar

Gonzalo de Prado gprado at sapphire.gi
Tue Mar 27 13:12:15 UTC 2018

Good Morning again,

We believe we have pinpoint the issue with the ntp servers. We believe they have installed a very low rate limit on the servers and need to be adjusted.

>From the wireshark capture screenshot below you can see that after requesting 3 times from ntp server within an small interval, the first two it comes right but the third one comes with an invalid time and a reference ID of "Unidentified reference source RATE"

Will you be so kind to contact the person responsible for these ntp servers and report it to them and if possible in the meantime remove them from the pool?

[cid:image001.png at 01D3C5DD.EAB4FB50]

Best regards,

Gonzalo De Prado - DDI: +35020049785
Technical Department
Sapphire Networks

From: Gonzalo de Prado
Sent: 23 March 2018 16:20
To: 'security at ntp.org' <security at ntp.org>
Cc: Lee Pedder <lpedder at sapphire.gi>; Pedro Avila <pavila at sapphire.gi>
Subject: NTP server - Gibraltar

Good Morning,

We have noticed issues with some new (2 weeks ago) ntp servers installed at Gibraltar within the pool.ntp.org. The servers in question are &

Some of our networks devices present time synchronization errors while trying to get the time from those servers, however when we get the time from anywhere in the world everything works smoothly. By default, as we are an ISP at Gibraltar, due to the geolocation, we are always given the above mentioned IPs.

We have been trying to identify what is the problem but we have been unable. The servers actually deliver proper time so there must be another setting we are unable to identify.

We were wondering if you could contact the company responsible for those servers and report it to them or remove their ntp servers from the pool in case you find any suspicious behaviour from their side.

Best regards,

Gonzalo De Prado
Technical Department
gprado at sapphire.gi<mailto:fjgarcia at sapphire.gi>
DDI: +35020049785
Sapphire Networks
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