[ntp:security] Security Vulnerability in ntpd v4.2.8p10 and v4.2.8p11

Nikhil Tripathi phd1401101002 at iiti.ac.in
Fri Mar 23 11:17:47 UTC 2018

Dear NTP project team,

We found a vulnerability in the two most recent versions of ntpd -
v4.2.8p10 and v4.2.8p11 which can be exploited to prevent a broadcast
client from synchronizing itself with a broadcast server. In particular, by
exploiting this vulnerability, an adversary prevents a broadcast client
from calculating path propagation delay due to which client is not able to
synchronize its clock with the broadcast server.

We have also requested for a CVE ID allocation to this vulnerability.

Attached is a document in which we describe the procedure to exploit this

I hope this will help to make the implementation more robust and secure.

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