[time] good news and bad news

Will will
Wed Nov 5 23:35:42 UTC 2003

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 11:53:17AM -0600, wayne wrote:
> The 206.222.212.xxx subnet is my subnet, so that's ok.  The
> 63.211.151.xxx and 194.93.174.xxx subnets, on the other hand, could
> really use a local ntp server.  They would get better performance,
> cause less network traffic and less load on the pool ntp servers if
> they did.

If you lookup reverse DNS for 63.211.151.xxx, it looks like an ISP's
dialup modem pool. There's probably one or two customers of the ISP that
are simply hitting you from different dynamically-assigned IPs at
different times. So in this case, number of client IPs might not
necessarily correlate with actual "load" caused to the servers.

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