[time] good news and bad news

wayne wayne
Wed Nov 5 23:50:27 UTC 2003

In <20031105143525.A31754 at loopfree.net> Will <will at loopfree.net> writes:

> If you lookup reverse DNS for 63.211.151.xxx, it looks like an ISP's
> dialup modem pool. There's probably one or two customers of the ISP that
> are simply hitting you from different dynamically-assigned IPs at
> different times. So in this case, number of client IPs might not
> necessarily correlate with actual "load" caused to the servers.

Good thought!

However, this doesn't appear to be the case of just a modem pool.
Most of the 63.211.151.XXX IP address resolve to something in the
lindenlab.com domain, often with sim[0-9][0-9].agni.lindenlab.com host
names.  Linden lab Inc doesn't appear to be any form of ISP.  More
over, all 11 of these connections have been active in the last 1024


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