[time] good news and bad news

wayne wayne
Thu Nov 6 00:02:20 UTC 2003

In <20031105204431.287E1417D at teardrop.ca> "Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko" <esoteric at teardrop.ca> writes:

> Abuse of this kind does not really strike me as abuse at all.

Well, I did put "abuse" in quotes, maybe misuse would be closer to the
mark.  My point of my post was more to bring the subject of abuse
and/or massive misuse and what we think about the subject.

Are other admins seeing similar (or worse) things?

Should we try to do anything about it?

What, if anything, could we do about it even if we wanted to?

I have not contacted any of these users of the pool, and I'm somewhat
nervous about mentioning them.  I don't think they have been "abusive"
enough to made an example of, rather they are just examples of what
might be to come.


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