[time] good news and bad news

Hal Murray hmurray
Thu Nov 6 08:58:53 UTC 2003

> The bad news is that there appears to be quite few sysadmins that are
> using pool.ntp.org instead of properly configuring a local ntp server
> and the pool is experiencing the same kind of "abuse" that all public
> ntp servers experience.  Yes, I know, this is very shocking news that
> none of us expected. </sarcasm> 

Do the web pages say anything about this?

Has anybody discussed this with organizations that might ship software 
already configured to use pool.ntp.org?

What are you going to do if/when this does become a serious problem.  It 
might be worth some planning now.  (If might be very handy to have a plan 
ready so that you don't have to develop one without enough time to think 

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