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Adrian von Bidder avbidder
Thu Nov 6 09:05:05 UTC 2003

On Thursday 06 November 2003 00:02, wayne wrote:
> In <20031105204431.287E1417D at teardrop.ca> "Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko" 
<esoteric at teardrop.ca> writes:
> > Abuse of this kind does not really strike me as abuse at all.
> Well, I did put "abuse" in quotes, maybe misuse would be closer to the
> mark.  My point of my post was more to bring the subject of abuse
> and/or massive misuse and what we think about the subject.
> Are other admins seeing similar (or worse) things?

One server was retracted from the pool because the admin claimed to be 
handling 10 packets per second. Unfortunately I didn't hear back from him 
when I asked if it was one misbehaving host or many hosts.

> Should we try to do anything about it?
> What, if anything, could we do about it even if we wanted to?

I guess this is the big question. Contacting the ISP of the IP in question 
might be one way, but as many ISPs are very good at ignoring their abuse@ 
addresses, this might not cause any action.

Other measures: you can firewall off offending IP addresses. But they will be 
on dynamic IPs in many cases, so that's probably too much work. Summary: I 
guess you can't do too much :-(

-- vbi

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