[time] good news and bad news

wayne wayne
Fri Nov 7 05:32:04 UTC 2003

In <sfaa26cc.002 at smtp3.wmata.com> "Tim  Shoppa" <tshoppa at wmata.com> writes:

>> A kiss-o-death ought to work, though.
> Is that appropriate for the current offenders?  I
> don't think so.

I don't think anyone is suggesting that the current offenders should
be sent a KoD, but rather, that may be a technique to use if/when real
abusers are found.

In the case of lindenlabs, they currently account for 11 of the 60-70
active ntp clients on my ntp server.  The calculations I've done say I
should be able to support at least 500, and maybe thousands of active
clients, so the current absolute numbers aren't my concern.

My concern is more of the trend here.  We all know that the pool will
collapse if ever the number of active clients exceeds the number of
clients that the servers in the pool can support.  If this point is
reached, people will start pulling their servers from the pool because
they are swamped, and that will cause the problem to be worse for
those that remain.

If single users are going to account for 15-20% of the active
connections, they are the ones that should be given the KoD first.
But, rather than reaching the point that we have to send a KoD, I was
hoping that maybe there were better ways of dealing with this kind of
misuse now, before it gets out of hand.


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