[time] Monitoring system

wayne wayne
Wed Nov 12 19:47:34 UTC 2003

In <200311121917.19195.gbv at oxixares.com> Guillermo Ballester Valor <gbv at oxixares.com> writes:

> Any idea of what is the problem?.

I have explicitly added your ntp server to one of my machines so that
you can get some feedback.  Try checking "ntpq -p footbone.midwestcs.com"
from time to time.  (This is a laptop that is frequently disconnected,
so if you can't ping it, try again later.)

Right now, I'm reaching your server ok, but I'm showing an fairly
large delay.   I'm in the middle of the USA, so there will certainly
be some delay going to Spain, but I wouldn't think that this would be
the case from fortytwo.ch.


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