[time] Monitoring system

Guillermo Ballester Valor gbv
Wed Nov 12 20:36:38 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 12 November 2003 20:02, wayne wrote:
> In <x4r80do24p.fsf at footbone.midwestcs.com> wayne <wayne at midwestcs.com> 
> > Right now, I'm reaching your server ok, but I'm showing an fairly
> > large delay.
> Well, I spoke too soon.  I just saw your server go to stratum 16 with
> a reach count of 0.  It now is back and ticking up, but it is going up
> slower than I would expect.  The delay is still pretty large (200ms or
> so).
> Doing a "ntpq -p" shows that you have fairly large
> delays on all the time sources to your server (100-150ms).

An ADSL line with 256/128 Kbps. Just now pretty free.

Just for curiosity, I search your hostname in my ntpdc -nc monlist see:          123           35 3 4      0     36    

It seems there is response or contact recently with your system but it is 
still unreachable in your list. Well,

1) or the packet die in their travell on the net.
2) or my server doesn't reply correctly 
3) or your server has a threshold cutting delays over 200 ms

And then: Why you can perform ntpq to my server if it is unreachable? 


Guillermo Ballester Valor
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