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Adrian von Bidder avbidder
Thu Nov 13 09:15:27 UTC 2003

[sorry for the duplicate - of course, this should go to the list]

On Wednesday 12 November 2003 22:36, Guillermo Ballester Valor wrote:

> So it seems that something at somewhere is killing the packets. Can you do
> ntpq to my server?.

No problem. ntpdate also seems to work.

There are two other timeservers in the 217.127/16 network: and - I didn't investigate the network topology, but whois tells 
me that at least the first (32.90) should be close (217.127.0/18 is 
advertised in whois as belonging to one AS).

Of these two servers, one is quite good (32.90), the other was detected as a 
falseticker a few times, with the score mostly staying below 10.

-- vbi

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