[time] Fachhochschule Dortmund

wayne wayne
Sat Nov 15 02:52:57 UTC 2003

In <bK497hBB7Vt$EweR at celandine.oak-wood.co.uk> Chris Hastie <lists at oak-wood.co.uk> writes:

> I've seen connections from 45 different clients in the same subnet
> this evening, all registered to Fachhochschule Dortmund. You'd think
> an educational establishment would no better wouldn't you. Time to
> drop them a line perhaps?

Well, the last time this subject came up, there was kind of a negative
reaction to even discussing it.

Some good points did come up in the discussion, however.

First, are the all connected at the same time?  For example, a single
machine that connects via a dial-up account will get assigned a
different IP address each time and yet it really will not cause any
more load on your ntp server than a single machine with a static IP
address.  Similarly, if these machines all used ntpdate once on
startup or once during an install process, this really isn't much of a

Secondly, even if all 45 machines are connected to your server and
polling every 1024 seconds, that really isn't going to be that much of
a load.  Chances are, your system can support much more, maybe in the
hundreds or thousands of machines.  If you *can't* support that many
machines, there are options on your ntp server to reject connections
after a limit is exceeded.  With the new monitoring system that the
pool has, this will cause your server to quickly drop out of the pool
until such time as your machine can start accepting connections again.

Lastly, other than limiting your connections, there really isn't much
that can be done about this.  This will also probably pop up
regularly, so trying to contact these people via email is going to get
real tedious.  It is probably is something that we are just going to
have to live with.


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