[time] Fachhochschule Dortmund

Nicholas Suan nsuan
Sat Nov 15 04:20:02 UTC 2003

wayne wrote:

> First, are the all connected at the same time?  For example, a single
> machine that connects via a dial-up account will get assigned a
> different IP address each time and yet it really will not cause any
> more load on your ntp server than a single machine with a static IP
> address.  Similarly, if these machines all used ntpdate once on
> startup or once during an install process, this really isn't much of a
> load.

Looking at the firewall logs, the traffic from that /24 seems like they
were using ntpdate, it's just 2-4 packets per host over a little bit less
than an hour, and oddly enough, in numeric order.

Seems like someone turning on a lot of computers at once. I really don't
think it's much to worry about.

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