[time] My first problem client

Tim Shoppa tshoppa
Wed Nov 26 15:12:24 UTC 2003

>Client has deliberately set its minpoll maxpoll to 4.
>Interestingly having changed the ntp config, so that packets get
>discarded below 17 seconds average packet spacing, the client keeps
>polling every 16 seconds regardless of its packets being dropped.

I think that behavior would be expected for simple
dropped packets and a not-unreasonable NTP client.

The behavior from an unreasonable NTP client (like
the Netgear/U Wisc episode)
is to hammer even more heavily when packets are being dropped.

Have you tried a Kiss-Of-Death yet?  What NTP version is the
client identifying itself as?

Most of all, remember that the user on that client machine
probably doesn't realize his computer is doing this.  That's why
it's important to try to determine the software/configuration
that produces it, so we can "nip it in the bud".



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