[time] My first problem client

Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko esoteric
Wed Nov 26 15:21:34 UTC 2003

There is no reason for the client to stop polling at the value specified.
KoD packets can be ignored, even with NTPD, heck you could modify NTPD to
use a minpoll of 1 if you really wanted to piss someone off; it's fairly
easy.  The point of throttling the packets (i.e. not responding to abusive
clients) is to save you upstream and process time to transmit those packets.
It makes little difference when it is only a single client; but when there
might be a hundred, or a thousand, then the savings really start to add up.

You can only hope that eventually the client will check and notice you are
not responding to their NTP requests; and that the client will either
realize why (if more then one pool.ntp.org server fails to respond to their
requests at any given time) or think your server is unreliable (the only one
not responding) and beginning hitting other pool.ntp.org servers.

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Client has deliberately set its minpoll maxpoll to 4.
Interestingly having changed the ntp config, so that packets get
discarded below 17 seconds average packet spacing, the client keeps
polling every 16 seconds regardless of its packets being dropped.


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