[time] My first problem client

Chris Hastie lists
Wed Nov 26 18:04:46 UTC 2003

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Tim  Shoppa <tshoppa at wmata.com> wrote:

> >Having played with my own XP box and set the update to
> >1 second I can say
> >that w32time does not throttle
> >back when the server drops packets which is kind of
> >scary if Win XP boxes
> >are pointed at the pool.
> Do *any* clients throttle back upon no response?  I've seen none.
> ntpd will throttle back after succesful responses and things get
> stable.  But that's the opposite (isn't it)?

My observation is that ntpd will tend towards maxpoll if a host is unreachable.
Indeed it's about the only thing that will cause my set up to move towards
maxpoll since I added a reference clock.

Chris Hastie

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