[time] Re: Daily pool.ntp.org status report

Steve Woodford steve
Wed Sep 1 09:39:43 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 06:39, Peter Hessler wrote:
> My server does not respond to ntpq requests.  However, it does
> respond to regular NTP requests.  I believe this is the cause of my
> 'unreachableness'.

AIUI, the pool is monitored by a number of dedicated ntp clients running 
ntpd, not ntpq. On at least one of those clients (I only know a couple 
of them) your server is showing the following ntpq entry:   2 u  687 1024  377  501.142  -23.991 110.234

That's an interesting refid entry. I wonder if that's the reason you're 
being excluded.

On the subject of responding to ntpq requests, what are the potential 
problems with permitting them? Personally, I like to see where my time 
is coming from so I only configure servers, in my ntpd.conf, which 
respond to ntpq.

Cheers, Steve

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