[time] security issues with open port 123/udp?

Pablo Sanchez pablo
Wed Sep 29 21:36:49 UTC 2004

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> >restrict default noquery
> Two things:
>  - the amount of information available is, imho, quite limited -
> basically
> the OS/kernel version and the ntpd version, IIRC.

I think OS/kernel version is quite important though.  For example, if I had
a set of hack scripts (which I don't), I would key off of the OS/kernel

>  - I, and many other people, like to see what upstream time
> servers a time
> source has configured to judge reliability. I do not require this for
> membership in the pool, but it also helps me debug problems when the pool
> monitoring system marks a server unreachable but I can still reach it.

I understand your POV.  If you'd like me to remove my IP from the pool, I
will.  Just let me know and I'll send you a personal e-mail with my IP


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