[time] day 1: almost 39000 clients

J.A.C.M. van de Ven jvdven
Fri Feb 2 09:52:08 UTC 2007

Hi all,


Yesterday I joined the pool and I have some questions.

I am using Wayne's scripts to analyze the traffic. Will you join me:



Estimated active ntp pool clients:      3898

Estimated abusive ntp pool clients:        7

Estimated inactive ntp pool clients:   35147

Total ntp pool clients being tracked:  39045

Note: NTP is a stateless and connectionless (UDP based) protocol, so

      exact numbers can't be determined.


   280555 ntp requests, in total, have been seen since 02/01/07 14:17:18

    59910 (21.4%) are from clients that are still active.

Current request rate:  0.067 seconds between requests  (14.84 req/sec)

Current bandwidth in:  1.101 KBytes/s    8.810 Kbits/s

Current bandwidth in:  2.722 GB/month   21.778 Gb/month    



So this was day 1. What can I expect? If I look through my traffic I see
some bursts.

It seems that some Turkish ISP is redirecting his clients (same subnets).
Should they be doing that?

If someone likes to make a joke I can expect millions of clients hitting my

Can I do something against that?

Just some questions.


Thank you,







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