[time] day 1: almost 39000 clients

David Yingling dave
Fri Feb 2 16:57:44 UTC 2007


Welcome to the pool, Jos!
> So this was day 1. What can I expect?
Day 1 is not that different from Day 1000 regarding the bursts.  When  
you are in the global DNS round robin, you will certainly get bursts  
like this.  It may happen a couple of time a day, or it may happen  
only a few times a week.
> If I look through my traffic I see some bursts.
> It seems that some Turkish ISP is redirecting his clients (same  
> subnets). Should they be doing that?
Maybe, maybe not.  This was discussed last year.  However, the  
Turkish and German waves that hit seem to be non-abusive.  That is,  
they don't hit you every second for months at a time.  They appear  
and then go away.

> If someone likes to make a joke I can expect millions of clients  
> hitting my server?

No.   Not yet at least!   I haven't seen anything higher than 50,000  
clients being tracked at a time by Wayne's script, but others may  
have.   Of those, I haven't ever seen the "active clients" much above  

> Can I do something against that?

You could ask to be taken out of the global pool, and just stay in  
the continental and country zones.  That will reduce the peaks.

There are solutions for firewalling abusive clients in the list  
archives, but they haven't worked for me.  In many cases, they made  
traffic go up, not down.

> Just some questions.
> Thank you,
> Jos
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