[time] day 1: almost 39000 clients

J.A.C.M. Jos van de Ven jvdven
Fri Feb 2 23:36:36 UTC 2007

David & Louis,

Thanks for the answers and tips.
After I posted the original message I found some remarks on the Turkish and
German packets.
They aren't eating my bandwidth. The bursts last for about an hour and
happened 5 times today. Peak is at 8 KB/sec (10%).
The load on my system has doubled. Nothing to worry about yet ;-)
I will read more about blocking abusive clients.


> 1) You could go to the server admin page and set your connection speed to
> 256K, you get less requests that way. It doesn't matter what your
> real connection speed is.
> 2) You could also stop replying to abusive clients, at least that would
> save you some output bandwidth. There are scripts available to do that in
> the list archives I believe.
> -Louis

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