[time] originator timestamp 1947?

Chuck Swiger cswiger
Tue Feb 6 22:28:37 UTC 2007

On Feb 6, 2007, at 5:15 PM, J.A.C.M. (Jos) van de Ven wrote:
> All those timestamps in the far past and future? Does this look right?
> I didn't even show you all the packets, but it is just an example.

If (for example) the battery on a motherboard fails, the BIOS clock  
will fail and get assigned some default time value upon a system  
reboot, which'll result in system times which are very far off until  
NTP corrects them.

> Other "problem":
> Around 20.00h (19.00 UTC) I had a peak in load (1.10) and about 20  
> KB/s
> traffic. A packet is 76 bytes, so about 270 requests/sec. Do others  
> see this
> too?

Yes, approximately-- when your server is listed in the global pool,  
there will be a significant spike of traffic.  My long-term average  
(data collected for longer than a year) is about 8 KB/s...load spikes  
of 2-3 times that appear to be normal....


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