[time] Sydney

Ryan Malayter malayter
Thu Feb 8 13:39:52 UTC 2007

On 2/7/07, Ori Ashman <ori at ashman.cc> wrote:
> Am using the pool.ntp.org as my server, yet the time it is giving is simply
> incorrect.  You are 1 hour behind for Sydney time.  I suppose this is
> because of Daylight Savings.
> How can I repair this?

You need to have your time zone set correctly in your OS, as others
have mentioned. Assuming you've done that...

I know that parts of Australia recently changed their Daylight saving
time rules, as did the majority of the USA. If you're running Windows,
Microsoft has patches for this change available for Windows XP and
later. Check Windows Update.

If you're running Linux or another Unix-like OS, you need to update
your time zone database as well. The procedure differs on each OS. For
recent Debian-based systems, you would use apt-get and update the
tzdata package.

There may be applications you have that do not use the OS time zone
information directly. For example, Java uses its own time zone
database, as does Perl, I believe. You will have to get those updates
as well, whether you're running Windows or another OS.


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