[time] Turkish ISP using the pool

Rob Janssen rob
Tue Feb 20 19:05:18 UTC 2007

J.A.C.M. (Jos) van de Ven wrote:

Indeed it is Turk Telecom (TTnet), I forgot that in my previous reply.  
But they are not the only one.
> I think they are using European pool addresses, because as an experiment I
> put my server temporarily out of global pool, but still get their queries.
True, they use European pool.  The German provider does this too.
I am only in the Dutch and European pools and I get these queries.  But 
after initial alarm I am
not too worried anymore.  Broken clients are much, much worse.
> I am not an authority on this subject (just a volunteer with questions), but
> maybe it is interesting to know how this ISP has set things up. FI, do they
> supply the time server via DHCP lease to their clients? Or maybe it are
> their routers that do a query? And why do they come and go so fast?
They may use DHCP, or some config template or wizard.
It looks like every router only asks for time once after startup, or 
maybe once a day or so.
So you see a continuous stream of different addresses that bubble down 
the monlist and at most
get a count of about 3 requests before dropping out at the bottom of the 

This looks like quite social use of the pool.  We could lessen the load 
on everyone's systems by
not giving the same address group for pool members for an hour, but 
instead return only one or
maybe up to three addresses on each DNS query and vary this result for 
every query.  That will
spread the load of these one-shot users over the entire pool instead of 
focussing it on the members
that are in the current DNS reply list.

This of course means we need to use different DNS servers, but those 
already exist.  They only
need to be hosted somewhere.


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