[time] Turkish ISP using the pool

Chuck Swiger cswiger
Wed Feb 21 01:03:46 UTC 2007

On Feb 20, 2007, at 11:05 AM, Rob Janssen wrote:
> J.A.C.M. (Jos) van de Ven wrote:
> Indeed it is Turk Telecom (TTnet), I forgot that in my previous reply.
> But they are not the only one.

Indeed not.  I'm also seeing a bunch of queries for Yahoo! UK and  

>> I think they are using European pool addresses, because as an  
>> experiment I
>> put my server temporarily out of global pool, but still get their  
>> queries.

> True, they use European pool.  The German provider does this too.
> I am only in the Dutch and European pools and I get these queries.   
> But
> after initial alarm I am not too worried anymore.  Broken clients  
> are much, much worse.

TTnet seems to be using the world-wide pool, as I am in it &  
NorthAmerica but not in EU:


Estimated active ntp pool clients:     12274
Estimated abusive ntp pool clients:      248
Estimated inactive ntp pool clients:   18431
Total ntp pool clients being tracked:  30705

I wonder if we can persuade these major ISPs to use a more regional  
NTP pool, rather than accessing servers halfway around the world...?


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