[time] pool system outage

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask
Sun Feb 25 07:35:47 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

The pool system will have an outage of a couple of hours starting in  
about 30 minutes.  They are shutting down the power in the building  
it's in to replace one of the main feeder lines (or a grounding  
cable; I honestly couldn't figure it out).   Tens of millions of  
dollars of equipment turned off to replace a $20 piece of metal and  
plastic.  :-)


In the future we'll have the system more redundant, but it's not yet ...

If you have a well connected box - preferably in Europe - I can use  
as the fail-over system in the future, please let me know at  
ask at develooper.com (beware of the reply-to header on this mail).    
(Preferably with root access and RHEL5 - I can provide the license  
for that).

  - ask

http://develooper.com/ - http://askask.com/

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