[time] What to do about abuse

J.A.C.M. Jos van de Ven jvdven
Tue Feb 27 20:43:45 UTC 2007

On Tue, February 27, 2007 17:43, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

> However, I should note that others have mailed me off list also
> recommend ignoring abuse.  After all a single ntpd server can easily
> handle the load of abusive clients.  Still, prompted by an early
> success, I do like to idea of encouraging people to set up proper
> hierarchies.

My idea too. In the meanwhile I am testing some setups on my system. At
the moment I am blocking IPs for 1 day that do a minimum of 200 requests
per 2000 seconds. I can easily change this and even reply them every 60
seconds. It doesn't change my incoming bandwidth but surely the outgoing.

I must say that it is not a problem to handle them and as someone said
maybe not worth the effort, but I like to experiment and in the meanwhile
giving the good guys their time, because I think the pool project should
expand and clients should use it in the right way as the NTP was intended.

Jos van de Ven

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